The Ancient Romans widely used concrete technology during the Roman Empire. The colosseum is substantially built with concrete.The Babylonians & Assyrians used clay as the binder & the Egyptians used lime & gypsum.Modern concrete uses Hydraulic cement which was invented by British Engineer John Smeaton in 1756 & in 1824 Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement. Concrete is a mixture of cement as a binder for fine and coarse aggregates water , specialty chemicals and pigments.It is an extraordinary material to express a fusion of art and craft. It is mouldable, flexible and sculptural and can be shaped from a paste to 3-D shapes. It is earthy, contemporary, minimalistic and chic. Concrete is available both poured in place and precast. Complete design flexibility allows the craftsman to produce stunning floors, walls, furniture, sanitaryware and objects of art.

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